Terms of service

This is an agreement ("The Agreement") between Roiio Web Agency ("QuizMe") and a customer ("The Customer") that states the conditions for use of QuizMe services ("The Service"). This agreement must be accepted as a whole to gain access to The Service.

Definition of the Service

QuizMe provides a limited space and features on this website. The Service purpose is to enable a users of The Customer's website, or users of other services and products provided by The Customer to take quizzes created by The Customer.

The Service is offered in different account levels whose price and features varies.

QuizMe should provide the following basic services accordning to this agreement:

  • The Customer should be able to create a quiz.

  • Users should be able to take The Customer's quiz.

The Service includes a number of other features that can be changed or removed without affecting The Agreement.

Varying on account level a number of different features are provided which is not available for lower account levels. QuizMe commits to provide these features for The Customer as they are available upon the conclusion of this Agreement. If QuizMe no longer provides such or similar feature, paying customers have the right to terminate The Agreement and be compensated with previously paid sum for the time when the feature has not been provided.

Use of The Service

The Customer commits to use The Service in accordance with Swedish law.

Customer Accounts

The Customer is responsible for the contents of its account. The Customer is responsible for keeping its login information secret. The Customer is responsible to immediately report to QuizMe if someone without The Customers permission uses The Customer's account. QuizMe does not take any responsibility for damage incurred by The Customer as a consequence of unauthorized use of The Customer's account, if QuizMe itself is not guilty of negligence.

Treatment of customer information / data

QuizMe stores information about The Customer that is necessary for billing, such as mail address and e-mail for electronic invoices. No Credit-Card details are stored by QuizMe, this information is sent with an encrypted connection to Stripe, Inc. (https://www.stripe.com)

Ownership of content on QuizMe

The right to material (texts and images) entered through the Service belongs to the Customer. QuizMe reserves the right to store this content as long as The Customer has retained his account in the Service. The Customer may terminate his account in The Service and then have the right to by e-mail demand to remove content The Customer have created.

QuizMe reserves the right to delete content QuizMe judge contrary to Swedish law.

Service availability

If The Service or its content is unavailable or data is lost for more than 24 hours, The Customer may request compensation for time exceeding this limit. The compensation is calculated per day based on the cost that the customer has for The Service for the corresponding period. QuizMe does not compensate The Customer more than The Customer has paid for the current subscription period.

Limits of Liability

QuizMe can not be held responsible for damage caused to the Customer due to availability of the Service beyond the compensation mentioned above. It is The Customer's responsibility to use The Service in such way that The Service does not adversely affect its own website's presentation or availability.

QuizMe should not be held responsible for damage caused due by intrusion into The Service.

QuizMe should quickly remove content that violates the Service content policy, but can not be held liable for damage caused to the user through what is written on The Service in addition to the provisions of Swedish law.


Customer is not entitled to claim damages from QuizMe for damage caused by use of the Service. Exceptions are made if the Customer can prove that the damage occurred through intentional action of QuizMe, or forceful law. In cases where the Customer is entitled to claim damages, it is limited to a maximum of 25% of the fixed fees the customer pays for the service for one year.

Change of this agreement

QuizMe reserves the right to change this agreement. QuizMe must urgently by e-mail inform The Customer about changes in The Agreement. E-mail will be sent to the email-address submitted by The Customer. If the changes can be considered as a disadvantage for The Customer, The Agreement should take effect one month after The Customer has been sent the e-mail about the changes.

If The Customer does not agree with the changes The Customer are allowed to cancel The Service before the agreement before it takes effect. If cancelation is not done before this time The Customer is deemed to have accepted the changes.

QuizMe reserves the right to make changes or additions to The Agreement without informing The Customer if the changes are not affecting The Customer in a negative way or the changes have little importance to The Service. Such changes can take effect immediately after the changes are publicly available.

QuizMe reserves the right to make changes and additions in the appearance of the Service, as long as the changes do not change the definition of The Service according to this Agreement.

Service Cancellation

The Customer pays for a 30-day period in advance. Cancellation during active period does not give the Customer right to refund. Instead the cancellation takes effect at the current period end. Cancellation should be done using the functionality inside The Service. This must be done before a new 30-day period starts.

If QuizMe is unable to charge The Customers credit-card 3 times QuizMe reserves the right to remove any paid features from The Customers account, given these attempts have been done during a period of at least 72 hours.

QuizMe reserves the right to cancel the agreement with The Customer. The customer is then entitled to compensation for previously paid amount of the remaining active period. The Customer is not entitled to compensation if termination occurs due to The Customer violated The Agreement.

Reference Customers

QuizMe has the right to use The Customer's name and logotype on its websites as a reference customer. If The Customer don't allow this The Customer needs to communicate this to QuizMe via e-mail.

Applicable law

The Agreement and The Service should be regulated according to Swedish law.

Swedish version takes precedence

If this agreement is translated to other languages, and there are differences in meaning between the language versions, the swedish version should have precedence, if the difference is a result of an translation error.